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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

~Christmas Party on 24th December 2006 @ Dogoholics~


Hey guys we are going to have a Chrismas Eve Party at Dogoholics !!!!

Date: 24th December 2006
Time: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Venue: Dogoholics
Address: 519 Serangoon Road Singapore 218157

If you're not aware of the place, please do Search for the address in Street directory and you will be able to find the specific location.

Check out
HERE to view the pics of Dogoholics...


We will be having a doggy gift exchange session. Each doggy please prepare one present of minimum S$10 (one present per dog you own) and indicate doggy's name on the present. On tat day we will label all the presents with numbers and every dog will pick a number and collect ya present according to the number picked.

Let me know by end of this month coz we need to do preparation... Give me ya names thru the following:

1. Tagboard
2. Email/MSN Serene at
3.MSN Pam at
snowdragongal_60@hotmail.com / Email me @ aishiteru_japspitz512@yahoo.com.sg
4. Sms us for those who have our numbers

*****Names not submitted & not confirmed will not be entitled to any presents on that day*****

Current List

1. Serene & Georgi (1P 1D) - Confirmed
2. Penny & Kiki (1P 1D) - Confirmed
3. Pam, Jay, Dua Bui & Yoyo (2P 2D) - Confirmed
4. Alloysius & Ah B (1P 1D) - Confirmed
5. Kin & Turbo (1P 1D) - Confirmed
6. Joey, Partner & Monday (2P 1D) - Confirmed
7. Jasmine & Snowie(Female) (1P 1D) -

7. Kavan & Yuki (1p 1D)
8. Joanne, Andy & Bear Bear(2P 1D) - TBC
9. Michelle & Ice (1P 1D) - TBC
10. Angeline & Snowie (1P 1D) - TBC
11. Brenda, Partner & Bjorn (2P 1D) - TBC
12.Andrew & Snowie (1P 1D) - Not Attending
13. Hazel & Spitzie ( 1P 1D) - TBC
14.Jasmine, Partner, Mico & Maco (2P 2D) - TBC
15. Lun & Dan (1P 1D) - TBC
16.Marcus & Ashley (1P 1D) - TBC
17. Michael, Jennifer, Snowie & Audi (2P 2D) - TBC
18. Michelle Wai & Ice (1P 1D) - TBC
19.Michelle & Hubby, Little Baby, Cory (2P 1D) - TBC
20.Rachel & Snowy (1P 1D) - TBC
21.Sharon & Ichiro (1P 1D) - TBC
22.Stephanie, Snowkit (1P 1D) - TBC
23.Hwee Kwuan & Partner, Yoyo & Yoko (2P 2D) - TBC

24.Andy , Partner & Hoshi - TBC

Thursday, December 14, 2006

*~*MHSS Closed Down*~*

*~*MHSS - Monk's Hill Secondary School*~*
It's closed down already. Sob.... But lucky we manage to catch lotsa pictures of our school on the last day. The building will be taken over by ACS and they intend to do some renovation to the building as in tear down certain Blk and rebuild. It still looks so new. OMG.... Haiz.. what to do.
*~*Monk's Hill Secondary School's Last Day in 2006*~*
MHSS Closing Ceremony_-_01
*~*Telephone Booth where all of us will start asking who got 10 cents or phone card*~*
*~*Lockers which we requested for during our time but we didnt get it but our juniors does. SOB....*~*
MHSS Closing Ceremony_-_20
*~*Minor Part of Class 4/3*~*
MHSS Closing Ceremony_-_03
*~*US with our History Teacher*~*
MHSS Closing Ceremony_-_05
*~*Us with Jonathan from another class*~*
*~*My Technical Teacher with Me*~*
*~*Janet & I in the Hall*~*
*~*Us in the Hall Snapping away with the help of Derek*~*
Thank Dude!
*~*The "Formal" 4 Gals Class Photo*~*
MHSS Closing Ceremony_-_25
*~*Lucky Derek with the 4 Babes*~*
*~*Lucky Derek gets to take pics with the 4 Babes individually and I'm one of them*~*
*~*4 Babes Taking Juz outside the school b4 leaving*~*
*~*Babes snapping away while walking towards Sheraton Towers*~*
*~*Souvenir of MHSS*~*
*Doesn't it reminds u of Goong that serial?*

*~*Sickly Week*~*

Haven been blogging and it's again collecting Eletronic Dust!!!!

*Sneeze* *Sniff*Sniff*

Haiz... Must be wondering how come I'll blog again rite? Coz I'm down with bad flu, cough, fever. Sob... It started off with a minor sore throat, to a minor cough, to bad flu and cough. OMG.... It all started last weekend. Kinda busy though as seminars’ coming up and there’s a lot of preparation to be done. Got only 1 day MC for Monday, that’s so stingy of the doc. It’s not even enough time for me to rest. Tues went back to work. Feeling drowsy the whole day yet there’s plenty of things to do. But luckily I didn’t knock out in the office. Went home on the dot as there’s pple coming to deliver the modem. Yes, Internet already upgraded to 10mbps. And FREE Sony Bravia 32” LCD TV. Cooolllll…. But then the TV’s not mine. LOL… nvm… as long as there’s this deal. Keke…

Lately got ourselves a lot of technology stuffs. I’ve got a superb early xmas prezzie from Dearie. Haha… Microsoft Webcam and a Panasonic Earphone. Both of these were once in my wishlist. The webcam is quite good. Integrated Mic. Cool…. Can video call liao. Keke…

Then Dearie got himself a O2 Xda Atom which he always wanted. He didn’t look as excited as me when he got the phone but after setting up everything for the phone, he’s the one excited. LOL… And he’s been teasing me as my phone – N73 wasn’t ready for collection yet. SOB…. It’s kinda depressing when mentioning about hp. As the dummy ME, sit on my Nokia 6280 (my satisfying phone – like it a lot) and there goes my LCD screen, 4 artistic lines. Haiz… that’s sad man. Dun think that I’m real heavy or wat. It’s the force that kills my phone. I was trying to jump up an extreme high concrete area to sit with my sis – Crystal. And forgetting my phone in my bum’s pocket, n only to notice when I was about to land on my bum, tried to land lightly on the other side, but still. Haiz…. My phone’s not even a year old. ARGH…. Den here comes the excuse to get myself a new phone. With Serene’s help, I manage to get N73 at the promotion price with Singtel at $298. But after reserving, pple ard me starts saying that the phone is laggy, hangs easily. But I’ve already reserved what can I do? Although I feel in love with Dearie’s O2 oso. Haiz… Nvm… juz stick with the plan bah.

After waiting for almost 2 weeks, Singtel finally called and inform that the phone is ready for collection on Tuesday (12th Dec 06). YEAH!!!!! But sadly the notice was kinda late, and I’m having my driving lesson soon… therefore totally no time to go down to collect. So I only manage to collect my phone last night. The queue was damn long man. Reach there by 9pm. LOL… just in time to join the queue. Den only 10.30 – 10.45pm den finish everything. Haiz… Got my phone, fitted in my 6280 battery and Sim card. Start figuring how to use the phone. OMG… it’s so kinda complicated or izzit I’m getting dumb or I’m too sick to even think. It’s kinda troublesome changing phone. Contacts, Calendars etc. OMG…

Though could back up my 6280’s info into N73 but how come seems like cannot. Cant even connect to the PC. And it’s getting late. OMG… Told Dearie not to do it juz leave it.. will try it later on. And I happen to find out this function in N73 which is the Transfer. It can actually transfer information from another phone to itself. That’s cool. That’s how I transfer all my contacts n calendars over to my new phone. But still kinda not really used to it lah. Hopefully will be able to use to it soon. Hmmm I’m still bz figuring how to set the msg tone to a mp3 tone. OMG.. I’m such a dummy.

Oh god… head’s spinning again. Got to rest liao. Ciaoz…

*Wish that I get well soon and as energetic as before*