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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Snowie's 8th Birthday

Snow's turning 8 soon. It's time for celebration. Cake as usual and location to be confirmed. Considering Doggiestyle btu due to the cake which I've already ordered, wondering will they still allow me to use their premises.

We shall see. Let's take some pictures of them~~

- Vynaria blogging on the go -

Friday, January 29, 2010

My boss shared this video with me and I find it really cute.  I like cats but I'm not into keeping them but this is seriously so cute.  I think Dua Bui oso wont be able to cope if I were to really have a cat (not going to happen) as he always find all way to stay away from cats.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Hamster says I Love You~

Such a cutie and smart little one.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dusty Blog~

I was told that I haven’t been updating my blog. Basically... it is because I'm lazy. Keke.... If not it's always been an ordinary day that has nothing to share; which is almost every day.

Weekdays work, weekends rest/seminars/outing with my little boy if I have the chance to bring him out. Chances of bringing him out have decrease drastically due to the inconvenience of transport. I feel guilty for not bringing him out but recently we shifted to a new neighbourhood, therefore he has a new place to explore. I think he has already got used to the neighbourhood already as he knows the route so well. I think we should look for a new route around the neighbourhood; luckily it is bigger therefore more place to explore, if not he is going to throw tantrum again. My little naughty boy but he’s still my precious boy.

Working has taken a big portion of my time, very occupied but somehow, I have lesser time with my family. Weekends, get to spend a few hrs with them and I’ve to settle some personal things here and there. And now… the process of shifting is such a hassle. Packing and unpacking. The headache problem now is the amount of space we’re given, it’s kinda small and we do not have enough cabinet to put our stuffs. We need to think of a way to solve the problem. Throw away things? More cabinets? No idea… has been tired physically so I wanna rest so much. But it’s always fully packed with programs on the weekends that I do not get to relax. I just wanna hibernate so much. As I type, my eyes are getting dry and having the urge to sleep. I sleepy for 5 – 6 hrs, woke up early at 8am even on a weekend. I wish I’m in bed together with my little boy and cuddle in the cold cold a/c and rest for the weekend. Today’s already Saturday! Why does the weekend pass so fast… it’s faster than a blink.

Now, I’m waiting for some confirmation which will seriously make my day. I’m waiting for something…. Something that will be precious to me too. I hope that I will be able to receive it soon.

Weather has been weird, rain and shine, not ordinary shine but extremely SHINE!!! Bling bling!!!! Walking to office from the train station in a daily weekday routine, tanned my shoulders and arms. My mum’s complaining that I should carry an umbrella to protect my skin but I’m simply lazy. *Falling asleep* Needs some entertainment if not… a really nice cosy bed. I feel like going to IKEA so much. Can we go?

Oh no! Seems like I’m boring everyone already. OH! I picked up a habit from my boss…. MH Fox… to take picture of my lunch or food before I eat so that I could post it up on FB. And I’m entering FB as much as my email, but staying in FB much longer then email. Coz….. playing FB games, kinda hooked onto them. Oh no! Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Dozing off mode~

*Playing FB’s Café World again* 10 mins/15 mins cooking time…. I’m so kinda hooked onto it. Hmm… we have taken some photos. It’s not with me now, once I get it compiled will upload it soon. Keke….